Bhakti Classes, The Yoga of Love and Devotion

Tucson, Arizona

Why bhakti Yoga?


Working with Longing

At the ground of our being, there is a dormant hunger for the sacred. It is the most tender part of us. Like all perennial wisdom traditions, Bhakti Yoga seeks to uncover and engage this good direction. 


Engaging the Beloved

 This longing is our power. It is everything that is our willingness, our openness, our yes.  So we work with our longing. We express it in practice as offering. This is the way we remember our oneness with the Beloved. 


Embodying the Divine Feminine

 The sanskrit root “bhaj,” means “to engage with affection.” Bhakti  Yoga is the cultivation of a mutual, intense, emotional attachment with the Divine. Through daily practice- we take one, focused step forward, and the Beloved rushes to carry us.