I am from the South, the daughter of dedicated and hard working parents, my father was a self-made man from the Carolina country and my mother was an uptown Chicago girl. I studied Literature in the blue mountains of Shenandoah. In many ways my childhood was idyllic. But no story is perfect. It gave me the material I would need for a lifetime of spiritual curriculum. 

I graduated in 2008, in the recession. I spent the next two years in Bolivia and Honduras as a missionary reading Thomas Merton. This was a beautiful but layered experience. 

Ultimately I left the church- I was hungry for the Divine Feminine, for the missing half of the godhead that had been written out so long ago, no one realized She was missing.

 I decided to find the truth in going back to the land. I moved to Maine to study organic agriculture. Eventually I moved back to South, to Richmond, VA to manage a farm. But the farm dream failed. This was a deeply reverent and shaping period of my life. 

 I became a school teacher. Classroom teaching was a labor of love that filled my heart but broke my body. I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis at 29. I taught anyway, first in Montessori, and then Middle School in the heart of the city. 

I found practices from the East to soothe my soul. In an Ashtanga studio off the beaten path, my very first yoga teacher, Robbie Norris of Richmond City Yoga, taught me three months of Mysore practice for free, when I was in the midst of a deep depression, and so changed the course of my young life.

 I went on to find Integral Yoga, a lineage associated with Yogaville, from Swami Satchdinanada, and in this tradition, Nora Pozzi guided me to receive my 200 hr certification. I encountered Bhakti Yoga from a badass harmonium player, Izzy Shurte, and so the Bhakti seed was planted and began to feed my heart. A community acupuncture clinic offered solutions when western medicine could not, and Pamela Howard introduced me to Chinese Medicine. 

On my 33rd birthday, after finishing a teaching contract, I chose to leave education and dedicate myself to the healing path. I relocated to Tucson, AZ to study at the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and began my studies the fall of 18’.